Zestful Kitchen’s 4-Week Healthyish Meal Plan

✔️ Stop Stressing About Dinner

✔️ Master Basic Kitchen Skills

✔️Cook with Confidence

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Building Kitchen Confidence—One Dinner At A Time

Cooking delicious, healthy-ish meals for you and your family shouldn’t feel like conquering culinary school every time you pull out your cutting board. This 4-week meal plan teaches you need-to-know kitchen skills + combines them with complete grocery lists + easy-to-follow recipes that don’t just excite your taste buds—they nourish your soul.

Because everyone deserves to feel the thrill of confidently crafting meals from shop to prep to plate.

Let’s Cut To the Cheese (& drop the puns)

this meal plan isn’t for everyone.

but if you…

  • Consider yourself an everyday cook—as in, you’re no Martha Stewart but you’re also not receiving casting calls for Worst Cooks in Amerca
  • Care about what goes in your body—but mostly care that it tastes delicious and doesn’t require sacrificing your soul to make
  • Want to feel confident stepping foot in the kitchen—knowing what you’re about to make won’t just taste incredible, it’ll nourish your loved ones too (including you!)
  • Don’t have hours upon hours to spend every night making dinner—but are growing a bit tired of the same 3 recipes you mastered in college
  • Have tried meal plans or delivery kits before—only to find them overpriced, underwhelming, or ultra-restrictive

you’re in the right place

+ I have a feeling you’re about to blow your own mind (and the minds of everyone at your table).

What Students are Saying

I needed some serious inspo for cooking at home. This took my cooking to the next level so now I actually enjoy it and make life easier.

— Pia

These storage tips are about to change my whole life!

— Hannah
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Welcome To Our Table—Let Me Pull Out A Chair

Sit down, get comfy, and let’s talk about what’s in store when you dive into the meal plan

  • Not only will you have 4 full weeks of delicious, nutritious meals—you’ll learn an insane amount of basic kitchen skills: slicing, dicing, knifing, flavor pairing, meal prepping, and so much more.
  • Gone are the days of opening your pantry + fridge 10 times hoping something yummy pops out at you—now you’ll know exactly how to make a tasty meal out of whatever’s on hand.
  • Understanding how to keep a kitchen stocked like a pro might be the most useful skill on planet Earth (Dramatic? Maybe. Accurate? 100%.)—and now you can.
  • And at the core of all this? Confidence. Confidence that you can make a variety of heavenly meals, you can tackle a recipe no matter what it calls for, you can feed yourself (and your family) food that you’re proud of.

This is what life around your dinner table will look like after saying “yes please” to the 4-week Healthy-ish Meal Plan. Sound delicious?

The Reconstructed Meal Plan 

We do things deliciously differently

What We’re NotWhat We Are
A “meals in minutes” planChef-inspired recipes for everyday people with regular schedules (aka: YES, you will have the time)
A diet (no thanks)Balanced recipes that taste incredible and nourish body, mind, and soul
A “prep all your food on Sunday” and reheat all weekPrep like a chef + always eat fresh

What Students Are Saying

photo of a blonde woman sitting in a chair with a jar of almonds in her hand

Hey there, I’m Lauren

Your head chef + biggest kitchen cheerleader

Before diving into my obsession with cooking and all things food, I want to let you know that I 100% believe everyone can feel confident in the kitchen—not just chefs. Cooking is an opportunity to experiment, have fun, learn, and dare I say—cut loose? (Promised the puns were done, but I had to let it slip.) That’s what this meal plan is all about—creating kitchen confidence that goes beyond the 4 weeks. 

My story started when I was barely tall enough to see over the kitchen counter (thank goodness for stools). I constantly observed my mom and grandmothers create delicious meals out of simple ingredients—and I wanted to be at the center of it all. When my first opportunity to work in a restaurant rolled around, I was officially hooked. 

Where other artists fall in love with brush strokes or charcoal smudges, I fell deeply in love with the culinary arts—fascinated with the way proteins change as you grill them, water droplets cling to vibrant heads of lettuce, and colorful plates come together to entice all the senses. 

So it only made sense to take this obsession and turn it into a career (with necessary taste tests at every stop). 

And now I’m on a mission to bring an elevated kitchen experience to the tables of everyday people. To make cooking healthy-ish meals not only exciting, but accessible + delicious.

  • Interned at America’s Test Kitchen 
  • Worked for 3 years as an Assistant Editor of Cuisine at Home Magazine 
  • Have developed 700+ original (and tasty) recipes
  • Have been featured in Taste of Home, Buzzfeed, Parade, SHAPE Magazine, Hello Iowa, KCCI News, and more 
  • Named a 2021 Stylemaker by Better Homes & Gardens

And that all led me to this moment (my favorite so far!) where I get to share my love of food with YOU. Thanks for coming on the adventure and I can’t wait to get cooking!

Learn More About Lauren

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Your Recipe For Success

A sneak peek of what you’re getting

When creating the 4-week Healthy-ish Meal Plan, it was extremely important to me that I didn’t just SHOW you how to craft delicious, quality meals—I wanted to EMPOWER you to feel confident creating them yourself. I wanted to know that once the 4 weeks were through, you could conquer the kitchen without me. 

Which is why this is more than just a meal plan, it’s a complete recipe for success including:

> The 4-Week Plan (Your new kitchen companion)

  • Digital + Printable PDF (so you can take it with you no matter what)
  • Recipes for 4 weeks of dinner (covering a wide variety of flavors, proteins, and methods)
  • Grocery lists for each week (with overlapping ingredients so you don’t waste any food or $)
  • Weekly Chef prep list (so you can prep smarter, not harder)
  • BONUS: Recipes for some of the best preppable-breakfasts and delicious desserts 

> Your Kitchen Community (Private Facebook Community just for participants) 

  • Quick tutorials covering technical skills like chopping, roasting, searing, and more (watch whenever you need to refine your skills)
  • Access to Lauren anytime—ask all your burning questions
  • Accountability + Support (because cooking together is always better)

> BONUS (Ingredient Swap List)

  • Know exactly what to swap when you…run out of the right ingredient, simply don’t have it, OR want to try something else

Are you ready to slip on your chef’s hat and swap overwhelm + flavorless food for total kitchen confidence, quick + delicious meals, and no-brainer dinners?

Let’s Talk Numbers

Full Price: $99


What proteins are included?

We’re covering nearly all the proteins you can think of. Chicken, beef, turkey, fish…it’s all accounted for here!

Am I able to swap ingredients if I don’t like some of them?

Of course! You’ll receive an Ingredient Swap List you can use on your own, OR, simply ask in the Facebook Community if you’d like a little inspiration or help!

What if I’m gluten-free or lactose intolerant?

A lot of the recipes are naturally gluten-free and many don’t include dairy, but as a whole, this meal plan isn’t created for any special dietary needs.

What do you mean by “Chef Prep”?

Contrary to what most meal plans want you to believe, prepping all of your food on Sunday (then reheating throughout the week) isn’t actually the smartest way to prep. Instead, chefs typically do all of their chopping, slicing, and dicing ahead of time  (we’ll do it once a week on Sundays!) and utilize those chopped veggies or portioned ingredients in fresh recipes all week. Tastes better AND saves tons of time.

How long will dinner take to make every night?

Thanks to your Sunday-night prepping, dinner should only take about 30 to 45 minutes to make and plate!

Do I have to follow the meal plan to a T?

Obviously life happens—and sometimes dinner plans change. But to get the most out of the 4-week Healthy-ish Meal Plan, I suggest dedicating the next 4 weeks to the plan. That way you’ll be cooking the same dinners, at the same time as everyone else in the exclusive Facebook Community and can receive support and accountability along the way.

I Know It’s Hard To Believe, But I DO Understand Your Dinner Woes

Just because I’m a chef, doesn’t mean I want to spend hours in the kitchen every night

I get it. You want healthy meals. You want them to taste delicious. And you don’t want cooking to consume your mind or time. I’m the exact same way when it comes to putting food on my own table. 

The 4-Week Healthy-ish Meal Plan solves all of that. It takes the thinking out of grocery shopping AND cooking. It reimagines prep to save you time and ensure your meals are fresh (bye-bye microwave). And it empowers you to confidently step into your kitchen long after the 4 weeks have passed. 

I want you to fall in love with dinner again + forget everything you think you know about efficient, healthy-ish meals. What do you say? Are you with me?