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Affogato al Caffè from the cookbook, Pretty Simple Cooking. | via Zestful Kitchen
Affogato al Caffè from the cookbook, Pretty Simple Cooking.

What I’m watching:

Show: Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee

  • Because sometimes all you want in the dead of winter is a little comedy. Find it on Netflix.

What I’m reading:

Book: Shonda Rhimes’, Year of Yes

  • An easy read that offers laughs, aha moments, courage, and pure entertainment.

Cookbook: Sonja and Alex Overhiser’s A Couple Cooks – Pretty Simple Cooking

  • The newest go-to cookbook for simple, healthy, and absolutely delicious recipes. Everything I’ve made from it results in a “wow”.

Magazine: Food and Wine’s The Photography Issue (March 2018)

  • In this newest issue of Food and Wine, the history of food photography—and the food world in general—is illustrated by some of the most iconic images to date. This issue is packed with photos and stories that truly inspire.

What I’m listening to:

Spotify Playlist: Your Favorite Coffeehouse

  • G introduced me to this playlist and it’s one of the most well-curated easy-listening playlists I’ve found.

What I’m loving in my kitchen:

GadgettNinja Professional Blender

  • This blender whips up everything from soups and smoothies to nut butters and nut milks. The Ninja is ultra powerful and a fantastic alternative to the more expensive Vitamix.

What I am snacking on:

Granola Bar: Larabar Crunchy Nut & Seed Bar

  • Read why I’m loving this bar here!

What I’m working on:

Reducing kitchen and food waste

  • I am working on reducing food and kitchen waste by consciously thinking about the produce I need—and will use—throughout the week. More often than not, I find myself purchasing more produce than we can eat in a week or before it goes bad. So I’m buying less, visiting the grocery store more frequently, and making sure to eat our produce before anything else.
  • I’m also loving the delivery service, Imperfect Produce, that delivers delicious and healthy produce right to your door for 30 to 50 percent less than grocery store prices. The only catch—the produce isn’t the prettiest. You might have a bell pepper that’s a bit asymmetrical, a potato that’s shaped like a heart, oranges with uneven coloring, or greens that are often forgotten, like broccoli greens. There’s nothing wrong with the produce, everything is high quality, perfectly ripe, and honestly sourced. If you’re looking to help reduce food waste, and save some jingle, look into Imperfect Produce!
  • I’m ditching the straw and making use of reusable Stainless Steel and Glass Straws!


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