November Lo Down

Are you in full-on Thanksgiving mode yet?!

I feel like it always has a way of sneaking up on me. But here we are, only 3 days away.

ZK has been bustling with all-new Thanksgiving recipes. So if you’re still planning your menu or looking to switch things up, I’ve got you covered!


What I’m listening to:

Podcast: Proof by America’s Test

Ooooeee, you know how much I love America’s Test Kitchen. But this new podcast is somewhat of a departure for them. Instead of focusing on the inner workings of a perfectly designed recipe, Bridget Lancaster speaks with journalists, enthusiasts and experts on a range of different food-related topics.

Their debut episode focuses on the long (and to my surprise, very interesting) history of celery. Yes—I know—it sounds bizarre, but it’s so interesting. They’ve also chatted about cravings and most recently the culture of tiki cocktails.


What I’m watching:

Salt Fat Acid Heat from Netflix

Based off of the award winning cookbook from Samin Nosrat, this new Netflix Original series (4 episodes) is nothing short of entertaining and inspiring.

Nosrat’s joyful personality is absolutely contagious as she takes you on a journey throughout the world to discover the four basic keys to wonderful cooking. Not only will you learn tips and tricks for better cooking, but you’ll also find an appreciation for different cultures and cooking practices.


What I’m Snacking on:

I’ve been snacking on my Whole-Wheat Stollen Biscotti which I recently developed for the holidays and will be coming to ZK in early December.

If you haven’t heard of this classic holiday bread, it’s a yeasted bread that’s chock full of dried and candied fruits and features a long log of almond paste or marzipan running through the center of the loaf. It’s glorious.

My sister and I took inspiration from this festive bread to create a biscotti recipe that’s perfect for gifting and enjoying during the holidays. I can’t wait to share this crunchy treat with you!


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A very ZK Thanksgiving

Check out some recipes (new and old) that are holiday favorites around here!

Rosemary & Orange Glazed Roast Turkey 

photograph of a whole glazed roast turkey on a large white platter held by someone in an apron
Brined and glazed, this juicy, flavorful roast turkey is perfect for the holidays.

Buttermilk Pumpkin Mashed Potatoes

Flavored with fresh thyme and pumpkin, these creamy mashed potatoes are lighter than most, which means you can feel good about going back for seconds!

Pumpkin Sage Challah Rolls

photograph of pumpkin sage challah rolls in a kitchen towel set in a cast-iron skillet
Tender and light, these pumpkin rolls are a festive upgrade to the classic dinner roll.

Whipped Ricotta Crostini with Cranberry Curd

Sweet-tart Cranberry Curd pairs perfectly with smooth, salty herbed ricotta. Slathered on a toasted crostini and topped with winter herbs, these sweet and savory bites are perfect for any occasion. | from Lauren Grant of Zestful Kitchen
This cranberry curd is one of my favorite ZK recipes. It’s wonderful for sweet or savory applications, is stunning in color and so delicious.

Pomegranate Relish

This festive Pomegranate Relish is sweet, savory, and just a bit spicy. It’s the perfect addition to the Thanksgiving menu, served over grilled pork chops, or tossed on a green salad to finish. | Zestful Kitchen
I love serving this elegant relish instead of cranberry sauce at Thanksgiving.

Roasted Garlicky Brussels Sprouts

deeply roasted Brussels sprouts on a white plate.
So easy to make and incredibly flavorful, these Brussels Sprouts are the perfect side dish for any holiday menu.

Maple & Molasses Glazed Sweet Potatoes

Maple & Molasses Spiced Sweet Potatoes | Zestful Kitchen

I can’t even begin to explain how flavorful these sweet potatoes are. They’re bound to be a new favorite.

Gingered Chocolate Bundt Cake Chocolate bundt cake, topped with chocolate ganache and candied ginger photographed from overhead

I recently developed this Cake for Cooks’ Emporium, and it’s one hell of a show-stopper. This chocolate cake is decadent, rich with flavor and just perfect for the holidays.

Happy thanksgiving! 

I may not be the Butterball Hotline, but I respond quickly and am happy to help with any cooking question you may have.

Have a great holiday, cheers!

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