"Wow. Made this today and it’s got all of the flavours my grandmother used to use in her kitchen. So nostalgic and comforting. Will be making this again!!"

- reader comment from Katrina

one of the most popular recipes on Zestful Kitchen!

wash, trim & slice a mixture of mushrooms. I like a combo of cremini and shiitake, then add a few other varieties that are available.

cook the mushrooms down in some olive oil until they've shrunk in size. while they cook, chop some fresh dill.

transfer the cooked mushrooms to a bowl, then start making the roux in the now-empty pot using butter, flour, spices, dill and dry white wine.

follow that up with some broth, the cooked mushrooms, milk, sour cream and fresh parsley.

need it to be gluten-free? use sorghum flour in place of all-purpose flour or try a gluten-free flour blend.

finish with a dollop of sour cream and fresh dill.

35 minutes 1 pot creamy + cozy dinner!