Milk ‘n Cookies

Reimagine Santa’s favorite meal with this new menu from Zestful Kitchen. Including a unique take on holiday cookies and a homemade eggnog everyone can enjoy, this menu is full of holiday spirit!

Photograph of eggnog cookies stacked on top of eachother with eggnog in the background.

Who needs a dinner menu when you can have a dessert menu? This menu idea was born out of the age-old tradition of leaving milk and cookies for Santa. But no matter what you celebrate or what traditions you have, this Milk ‘n Cookies menu is a fun winter dessert menu that is sure to spark the child within.

Photograph of homemade eggnog cookies and homemade vegan eggnog set on a white wooden table with evergreens

Milk ‘n Cookies Menu

Eggnog Cookies

Homemade Vegan Eggnog

Photograph of homemade eggnog in a coupe glass


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