This spring-inspired brunch menu is perfect for a crowd. Fancy and elegant, this seasonal menu is not only stunning and packed with flavor, but also easy to throw together thanks to make-ahead recipes. Complete with a spring champagne cocktail plus both sweet and salty offerings, this gorgeous menu is perfect for celebrating and spring.

loaf of bread and slices on a cutting board with a bread slice on a blue plate with a pat of butter.

Photo by Austin Day, styling by Lauren Day

In my opinion, spring is the unofficial season of “showers.” Not like rain showers, although that’s true too, but of wedding and baby showers. As my years add up, I realize there’s a whole lot more to seasons than just the change in weather. It’s the shift in priorities, activities, entertainment, the kind of food we eat, how we eat, and so much more.

Sure, it’s pretty obvious that life changes with the seasons, but it’s unmistakable how drastic weekends shift from quiet and low-key, to two days packed with a week’s worth of celebrating and socializing.

Although a welcomed change from the slow, cold days of winter, the hectic schedule of spring and summer can make it difficult to plan a creative and thoughtful party or get-together. That’s why I’m doing the hard work for you. I’ve developed this spring (and early summer) brunch menu with the shower and event season in mind.

Strawbrry cocktails shot from overhead with strawberries scattered around

This brunch menu serves 8 but can easily be doubled with little additional work. Even better, a lot of this menu can be prepped or made ahead, leaving little to do the day of. This elegant menu is perfect for mid-morning showers and celebrations, Mother’s Day (although it’s already passed…there’s always next year), or simply when you’re feeling a little fancy on a slow weekend morning. Over the next few days I’ll be sharing the recipes for the entire menu. In the meantime, here’s what’s on the menu:

Spring Brunch Menu

a loaf of bread set on a cutting board on a while surface.

I collaborated on this project with photographer Austin Day and stylist Lauren Day. Check out their websites for more of their amazing work!

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