How do we feel about rolls at Thanksgiving? Love ‘em? Skip ’em? Used purely as a vessel for cranberry sauce? It’s time for the humble roll or bread to take its place as a serious side dish at Thanksgiving!

Skip the spongy store bought dinner rolls this year. Here are the best rolls (and breads) for Thanksgiving—including light and fluffy dinner rolls, a fall version of classic potato rolls, addictively delicious pull apart rolls, sweet and salty quick breads and more!

If Making Rolls is Out of the Question

We all know prepping and pulling off a full Thanksgiving menu is tough—so if you’ve gotta buy rolls (instead of making them) here’s a pro tip. Skip the grocery store—the best place to buy dinner rolls for Thanksgiving is from your locally owned bakery or restaurant.

Local restaurants will often sell unsliced brioche burger buns and bread is your preference you can always find a nice crusty loaf from your local bakery. Be sure to order ahead of time! Call at least a week in advance to place your order.

And finally, don’t forget the butter! We always have Whipped Cranberry Butter on the table.

The Best Breads & Rolls for Thanksgiving

Skip the Hawaiian rolls this year, any of these options will be tastier and far more impressive! 

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