Diversify your meals with a quick taste bud trip to Korea! What makes Korean food stand out amongst all others is the emphasis on vegetables, their salty, sweet, spicy staples and kimchi!

Some of the most popular Korean dishes include bulgogi, japchae, kimchi, bibimbap, soondae and then some. Not only is Korean food quick and easy to make (for the most part) but it also has many flavors to choose from. With just a quick trip to your local Asian grocery market, you’ll have all the ingredients required to make any one of the Korean-Inspired dishes we have here on ZK.

Food is more than where you make it. It’s about the respect and understanding you have for its origin and traditions. So while making these recipes be sure to keep this in mind, blare some BTS (Bangtan Boys), and check out some Korean creators who share information and recipes for traditional Korean cuisine—we love Sue from My Korean Kitchen

About the Recipes

Many of these recipes are our take on Korean-based meals so they do differ in certain ways from what could be traditionally expected. Any changes are based on personal interpretation, healthier substitutes and diverse dietary needs including but not limited to gluten-free, vegan and vegetarian lifestyles. There is everything from gochujang chicken, bulgogi, gochujang noodles and even nachos for you to choose from. 

20 Korean-Inspired Recipes

This article was originally published on June 3rd, 2021. It was most recently updated on January 25th, 2022.

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