Summer is our favorite food season for all the fresh produce, bright flavors, and herbs. And this list—of more than 30 salad recipes—is your guide to all things summer salads!  We’ve got everything from veggie-full salads and entrée-size salads to side dish salads for potlucks, BBQs and more! 

Storing Produce

We’ve also got a few helpful guides to keep your produce fresh for as long as possible. First, be sure to check out our guide on how to store herbs. Storing herbs properly will extend their life drastically. Same goes for greens, here’s a guide on how to store salads greens properly.

Don’t let fresh strawberries from your garden or the farmers’ market go to waste! Here’s our favorite method for storing fresh strawberries and our favorite way to freeze fresh strawberries.

If you’ve got loads of rhubarb, consider freezing some. Here’s the best way to freeze rhubarb (we also share how to store it fresh).

Not only do we love cooking with fresh vegetables during the summer, but we also love to make use of their greens! Carrot greens are earthy and herby and make a delicious garnish or pesto. We like to use radish greens in pesto as well, but they’re also great sautéed or used in salads.

For a general overview on how to store fruits and vegetables, we’ve got that too. Here’s our ultimate guide for storing vegetables and our ultimate guide for storing fruits.

And finally, get to know all the different kinds of mushrooms that can be found at your farmers’ market. Then learn how to properly wash and store mushrooms.

Healthy Summer Salads

sliced multi-color tomatoes on a white plate with crispy browned shallots on top


Simple Tomato Salad with Frizzled Shallot Oil
A simple and savory fresh tomato salad that celebrates the flavors of summer.
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pasta salad in a white bowl with slices of celery and chunks of pickle in it


Dill Pickle Pasta Salad
A pasta salad that celebrates the tangy and salty flavor of pickles!
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watermelon and tomato salad in a large white bowl with shreds of cheese and pieces of basil


Tomato Watermelon Salad
A flavorful and surprising summer salad made with watermelon and tomato. The perfect side dish for grill outs, BBQs, and quick summer lunches.
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white plate with peaches, sweet corn and cucumber on it


Simple Peach Salad with Sweet Corn & Cucumber
Light and refreshing with a satisfying crunch, this peach salad is the ultimate summer salad! Creamy sweet corn, crunchy cukes, and juicy ripe peaches get tossed with simple flavors that enhance the in-season produce.
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tomato and cucumber salad in a large white bowl with a wood-handled spoon set in the bowl and pieces of naan set around it


Simple Turkish Shepherd’s Salad with Herbs
A vibrant and fresh vegetable salad loaded with fresh herbs and chunks of feta.
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orzo pasta salad with spinach, olives and cucumbers in a large white bowl


Greek Orzo Pasta Salad
A veggie-filled orzo pasta salad that’s bursting with the fresh flavors of cucumber, parsley, and shallot. Salty feta, briny olives, and fresh oregano round out the flavors. 
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large bronze platter filled with cooked potatoes, tuna, cucumber chunks, halved cherry tomatoes, green beans, olives, soft-boiled eggs and fresh dill.


Simple Tuna Nicoise Salad
A simple recipe for a flavor-packed Tuna Nicoise Salad. This dinner salad will feed a hungry family!
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potato salad in a shallow blue bowl with a red-handled spoon set in it


Sour Cream Potato Salad Recipe
Creamy and packed with herbs, this potato salad is a refreshing upgrade from classic mayo-based potato salads.
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large white bowl filled with lettuce, cucumber, herbs, rice noodles and cooked pork patties


Bún Chả Salad — Vietnamese Pork Meatball & Noodle Salad
A salad version of the traditional Vietnamese pork meatball dish. This salad features loads of crisp veggies, nuoc chom, and tender rice noodles.
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halved red and green grapes in a white bowl with a wooden spoon set in it


Simple Grape Salad Recipe
This 5-ingredient grape salad is bright, full of texture and perfect served for brunch, lunch or dinner.
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large white platter filled with lettuce greens and herbs, topped with slices of steak, thin slices of shallot, and chopped peanuts


Spicy Thai Beef Salad
This Thai Steak Salad recipe is loaded with fresh flavor! Tender slices of steak get piled onto buttery lettuce leaves and tons of fresh herbs seasoned with a light and salty vinaigrette.
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caesar salad with salmon and croutons in a large white bowl with two silver serving spoons


Simple Salmon Caesar Salad
A simple, straight-forward Salmon Caesar Salad that is perfect for lunch or quick weeknight dinners. It's easy, healthy and so satisfying.
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creamy cauliflower and potato salad in a white bowl


Caesar Cauliflower Potato Salad
A healthy potato salad made with a combination of creamy potatoes, cauliflower and a creamy Caesar dressing. Creamy, herby and healthy.
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shaved fennel in a dish with lemon dest, fennel fronds and black pepper


Simple Fennel Salad with Lemon
Crunchy, bright and simple, this fennel salad is the perfect side dish for everything from grilled fish and meat to braised dishes and pastas.
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kale and lentil salad in a white bowl set on a wood board topped with feta cheese and toasted almonds


Fresh & Crunchy French Lentil Salad
Fresh, crunchy, and full of good-for-you ingredients, this kale and lentil salad is PACKED with flavor and texture from a cumin-infused oil to toasted almonds, feta and Swiss Chard. This is one salad you’re bound to fall in love with. Serve as an entree with chicken or salmon or meal prep and enjoy as lunch all week long.
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lettuce greens and vegetables in a brown bowl set on a gray table


Super-Green Green Goddess Salad
Our go-to green goddess salad is packed with vibrant vegetables, creamy avocado and a super savory green goddess dressing. 
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image of a green salad in a large white bowl topped with blueberries, almonds, cheese and sliced shallots


Blueberry Salad with Lemon Vinaigrette
This vibrant green salad is bursting with fresh blueberries, toasted almonds, goat cheese and an herby lemon vinaigrette. This is a great go-to salad for any kind of meal!
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pasta, spinach, olives and sun dried tomatoes in a white bowl set on top of a napkin


Healthy Mediterranean Pasta Salad
Savory and bold in flavor, this Healthy Mediterranean Pasta Salad is made with bean or whole-wheat pasta, an oregano vinaigrette, fresh veggies and briny olives. Perfect as a side dish, lunch, or all-in-one meal!
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Photograph of a kale salad with cherries and pistachios in a white bowl on a blue table


Kale & Cherry Salad with Brie
Cherry and Kale Salad with Brie! Both fresh and dried cherries are used in this flavorful kale salad that’s complete with fresh thyme, pistachios and a delicious white balsamic vinaigrette!
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shredded green cabbage salad in a large white bowl with herbs and sesame seeds


Cabbage Salad Recipe
A simple cabbage salad featuring a savory and dressing and loads of fresh herbs. Pair with grilled chicken or salmon for a fresh, healthy and quick anytime dinner.
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Orzo Salad Recipe
A simple herby orzo salad recipe with crisp asparagus and savory parmesan.
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healthy no-mayo tuna salad in bibb lettuce leaves on a large white platter


Healthy Mediterranean Tuna Salad
Instead of mayo or yogurt, this tuna salad is dressed with a vinaigrette made with extra-virgin olive oil, lemon, Dijon and oregano. Roasted red peppers, olives, artichokes and chickpeas round out the rest of this salad.
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chunks of salmon and cucumber in a dark blue bowl with a spoon set in it


Salmon Salad Recipe
A fresh salmon salad that's bright in flavor, lightly creamy and oh-so satisfying.
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blue cheese steak salad in a large white bowl with romaine lettuce, cherry tomatoes, pickled onions, chives, sliced steak and a creamy dressing drizzled over it all


Blue Cheese Steak Salad Recipe
An entree salad that's both fresh and hearty featuring crisp lettuce greens, cherry tomatoes and tender, juicy slices of steak.
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salad greens and cherry tomatoes mixed together in a large white bowl with fresh dill


Butter Lettuce Salad Recipe
Zestful Kitchen's House Salad! This simple butter lettuce salad recipe is bright, delicate and perfect served alongside a simple piece of fish, pasta or soup.
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caesar salad with croutons in a large white bowl with two serving spoons set in it


Simple Caesar Salad
The best Caesar salad recipe is just a whisk and a toss away! Reminiscent of the tableside salads so beloved at steakhouses (so Caesar Cardini of us), this recipe is simple and unfussy, with only the most essential components.
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pita and vegetable salad in a shallot white bowl with a red-handled spoon set in it


Simple Fattoush Salad
This herb-packed vegetable salad hailing from Lebanon is the perfect side dish for grilled chicken, fish or any protein of your choice. 
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diced strawberries and chiffonade basil in a white bowl with spoon set in it


Simple Strawberry Salad with Basil
A sweet and tangy fruit salad side dish. In-season strawberries get paired with fresh basil and a very simple and minimal balsamic vinaigrette. Think an elevated fruit salad.
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salad in a large white bowl


Garden Salad Recipe
The garden salad is a craveable and nostalgic side dish that’s a classic for a reason. Resemblant of a steakhouse side salad, this garden salad is crisp (all hail iceberg lettuce), refreshing and loaded with texture. Toss with a simple red-wine mustard vinaigrette, dip a chunk of crusty bread in olive oil, and dinner is done. 
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chunks of tomatoes and watermelon tossed with orzo pesto and basil in a large white bowl


Watermelon Tomato Orzo Salad Recipe
A summer orzo salad that can be served as a side or a light lunch.
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white beans and herbs in a white-textured bowl with a wooden spoon


Simple White Bean Salad
This herby white bean salad can fit into any occasion whether you’re serving up a simple lunch at home, in charge of a potluck side, or just need something for quick for dinner.
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thinly sliced radishes and shallot coated in a creamy herb dressing on a pink plate with two red-handled spoons


Simple Radish Salad with Herbs
This simple radish salad with yogurt-dill dressing is crisp, crunchy and perfectly creamy.
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sliced celery salad with nuts and cheese on a large white oval plate


Simple Celery Salad with Chives & Pecans
A light, fresh and super simple crunchy celery salad! Enjoy as a lunch or serve alongside something savory for a perfectly balanced meal.
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Large white plate with a creamy white layer topped with thinly sliced peas and sweet peas.


Triple Pea Salad with Whipped Goat Cheese
A vibrant pea salad featuring a tangy vinaigrette, fresh mint and shallot. Piled atop a bed of silky smooth whipped goat cheese, this is one stunning side dish!
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