Looking to incorporate more salmon into your weekly meal routine? We’ve got just the recipes you need! This list of healthy salmon recipes features some of our go-to meal-prep recipes, 30-minute dinners, and Sunday night specials.

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If you’ve been around ZK for a while it will come as no surprise that we are BIG salmon fans. This popular fish packs so many essential nutrients that it’s basically a one-stop-shop for all your needs (not completely but it’s pretty dang close!). Salmon is rich in high-quality proteins, omega-3 fatty acids (heart-healthy!), vitamin b, potassium and the list goes on!

Though ZK is based in the Midwest that doesn’t stop us from getting our fair share of seafood, it just means we have to look a little harder for quality seafood, since the closest ocean from Iowa is some 1200 miles away.

Whether you live right beside the sea or are importing your salmon, before you get cooking you need to know what to look for when seeking out high-quality salmon. A great meal starts with great ingredients!. Check out our guide for How to Buy the Best Salmon to get started!

15 Healthy Salmon Recipes

This series includes everything from pesto salmon & pasta, salmon poke bowls, salmon salads and salmon recipes fit for breakfast. Many of these recipes are heart-healthy (because, salmon), marvelous for meal-prepping, and even lent-friendly. They also pack A LOT of flavor, of course!

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